b. 1986, HK.

Tim Burcham / 303.875.5491

Tim is a new media artist based in Denver.  He studied in Stan Brakhage’s experimental film school at CU Boulder, learning techniques for constructing non-narrative cinematic poetry with Phil Solomon.  He has worked with large, realtime datasets and product development, focusing on data storytelling, human-centered design and collaborative production techniques.  He has studied at the School For Poetic Computation, exploring new ways of approaching his work and of learning.

Tim works with installation and experience design, making use of sensors, interaction, sound and light.  He is inspired by phenomena within the brain and body, complex human-constructed systems, and how those systems are created and deconstructed.  He wants to answer questions related to meaning, human futures, and changing systems to help, rather than harm, humanity.  What does a post-capitalist world look like?  What human senses are under-utilized in navigating these systems?  How can technology augment those senses to resist systems, and create a new way of living?