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Tim Burcham

I am inspired by endless geometry dreams I had as a child, massive datasets,, futurist and brutalist architecture, and technology that bridges the gap between the physical and digital.

I've been working over the past few years sketching using Openframeworks.  These combine generative geometry, video input, audio reactivity, and serve as quick creative getaways for me.  I've explored GLSL shaders, 3d matrix math, projection, and Kinect as a physical input source as technical challenges to assemble these quick poems.

Many years ago, I worked on experimental 16mm and Super 8mm films, exploring texture, non-narrative story telling, and conceptual work, while studying under Phil Solomon and Stan Brakhage.  Their work inspires many of my sketches, and the notions of the eye and light as medium, experimental film as an expression of internal and external monologue, are continuous presences in my approach.  Unfortunately, many of these films have never been converted to digital media, or are lost, making them difficult to share.

Additionally, I've produced and performed music over the years, combining joysticks and other physical controllers into complex live performances.  My music can be heard herehere and here.